Quick Touches & Shots Around The Net


Professional Hockey Skills Coach Dwayne Blais explains how to improve quick touches & shots around the net. These tips are extremely beneficial for 2 on 1's or when a forward is driving to the net looking to quickly one touch a pass to the net. Getting consistent with quick touches around the net will generate more scoring chances.

Tips to Improve Quick Touches & Shots Around The Net

  1. Good Hand Position: Make sure that your hands are not too tight together and not too far apart. Keeping your hands hip-width apart is a good distance for a wrist shot. 
  2. Blade Is Cupped: As you are taking a quick shot while driving to the net, it is helpful to cup your blade to be able to control the puck. If your blade is open, the puck is harder to control.
  3. Strong Bottom Hand: Keep your bottom hand strong, and push your blade into the ice as you drive the puck to the back of the net. 
  4. Drive Shoulders To Net: driving your bottom shoulder to the net will allow your body to stay square and generate power and accuracy to your shot.
  5. Use Heel - Middle Of Blade: using the heel or the middle of your blade will give you more power and accuracy. Using the toe of your blade will make for a less accurate and powerful shot.
  6. Follow Through With Shot: Follow through to where you want to aim your shot. If you want to shoot low, follow through low. If you want to shoot high, follow through high.

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