Here are some breakout tips for wingers on their strong side when the puck is rimmed along the wall. There are three situations listed below but on all situations the wingers should do the following three things:

  • look up ice to see what the defense is doing.
  • get to the wall before the puck gets to your spot.
  • get separation from the wall so you have more options.

Option #1 - No Pressure

  • Skate with direction of the puck.
  • Let puck come to you as you are headed up ice.
  • Get separation from the wall.

Option #2 - Hard Pressure

  • Stop the puck with backhand.
  • Protect puck with body.
  • Get separation from the wall.
  • Chip high off the glass.

Option #3 - Hard Pressure

  • Get to the wall and stop puck with skates.
  • Angle skates to get puck off wall and to your stick.
  • Protect puck with body if needed.
  • Get separation off of the wall.
  • Use forehand to chip puck high off the glass.


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