Battery Quick Release Shooting Series

The Battery Hockey Academy's Quick Release Shooting Series is a 4 part series that helps players practice their quick release shot off of a pass. The quicker a player can get a shot off after a pass, the greater chance they have to score because it can surprise the defense and goalie.

The series is demonstrated by Cam Atkinson and Kole Sherwood. Watch these two quickly accept the pass and take a shot. They do not stickhandle at all. The goal of the drill is to practice quick-release shot fundamentals. Take your time to learn the skill at a slower speed. As players get comfortable with the drill, they can increase their skating speed and the coach can change up the passing lanes. 


  1. Part 1: Center pass & left wing shot.
  2. Part 2: Left wing pass & center shot.
  3. Part 3: Center pass & right wing shot.
  4. Part 4: Right wing pass & center shot.
  5. Variations: The coach should create different passing lanes so the shooter has to practice getting the puck and shooting quickly from a variety of situations.

Coaching Points

  • Stick On The Ice: Keep your stick on the ice so your passer knows where you want the pass.
  • Good Hand Position: Keeping your hands hip-width apart is a good distance for any type of shot.
  • Get Puck Into Your Shooting Box Quickly: Work to quickly get your puck into your shooting box (about a blade away from your skates)
  • Use Your Power Hand: Use your bottom hand to push your stick into the ice to help generate force.
  • We would strongly suggest to watch Dwayne Blais's Tips For Developing A Quick Release video below!

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