Here are some tips to help hockey players work on their forward stride and be a more efficient forward skater.

Tip #1 - Keep your head square.

Tip #2 - Arms should not swing across your body. Pumping your arms at a 45 degree angle is good but not straight across your body.

Tip #3 - Keep hips square when you extend.

Tip #4 - Straight line skating. Drive knee forward in a straight line. You can work on this by doing single leg strides.

Tip #5 - Remove heel kicks by having players snap their tow and bring the heel directly back in under your body and not kicking it up.

Tip #6 - Have feet recover to a position back under their body about should width apart. If they have too wide of a base their lose power in their stride. 

Tip #7 - Reduce up and down (head bobbing) as much as possible and keep head level.