Quick Fix: Outside Edges


When players are learning to use their outside edge it can be tough for them to learn to trust that outside edge. Encourage them to lean into that edge and allow them to make wider turns just so they become more comfortable on that edge. As they become more confident they will be able to ride that outside edge harder.

Another tip you can give your players is to create a wider base before you enter into the turn where you use your outside edge.

I have a lot of players that have trouble doing the specific outside edge drills in the video. What would be very helpful would be tips and tricks for them - for example, coaching cues that work well with kids, use of training aids for particularly reluctant cases, other less direct ways of inducing outside edge use through implicit rather than explicit instructions. In the latter case, I often have the kids do a "3 stooges" drill in which they use c-cuts to turn 360 in incredibly tight circles (e.g. the circumference of a cone) while leaning on the inside leg, which of necessity is forced onto the outside edge. I have them lean into that leg, into that knee, and in some cases even exaggeratedly lean their ankle into the circle, such that they feel that edge lock into the ice. It feels more stable and gives them a sense of what it should feel like when they are actually catching the edge. Then when they try to do the traditional plan old outside edge drill they have more confidence and a better "feel" of the edge, so they are better able to push their range of motion. It's sort of like physical therapy exercises specifically for skating. 

by: etitterud
Wednesday, September 27, 2023 - 2:45pm