A punch jam in ice hockey is a term used to describe a deceptive move by the puck carrier. It can be described as almost a half of a jam turn. A jam turn is a tight and quick control turn. It is a great skill to learn for attacking and puck retrieval situations.

If you are attacking on the right side you will create the illusion that you are going to go to the left by pointing your toes to the left. You also want to carry the puck on the left. Then you quickly get your toes poited to the right and jam your right skate into the ice to make a sharp turnt to the right and at the same time pull the puck to the right.

When retrieving a puck along the wall the same principles apply. Point your toes to the direction you want to decieve your opponent. Then quickly rotate the hips and jam the inside skate into the ice to make a quick turn to the other side.