Breakout Tips (Off-Hand Wingers)
Ben Eaves

Here are a few options for wingers on their off-hand (weak) side when the puck is rimmed around the wall. First and foremost you always want to check what the opposing defense is doing. Are they allowing you time and space to gather the puck or are they applying pressure?

Option #1

  • Get to the wall and gather puck at the wall.
  • Use forehand to collect the puck faceing your own net.
  • Get off the wall and look to make a play to the center or high off the wall and out of the zone.

Option #2 - No Pressure from Defense

  • Get to the wall and face up ice skating with the direction of the rimmed puck.
  • Once you collect puck get head up and try ot get off the wall as you head up ice.

Option #3 - Heavy Pressure

  • Get to the wall and trap puck using skates.
  • Use your body to protect the puck from the defense.
  • If possible use the angle of your skates to get puck off the wall.
  • Once off the wall look to make a play or chip the puck into the neutral zone.

Breakout Tips

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winger options

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