Crash 2 on 1

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There are several points of emphasis in this hockey drill.  First, it allows wingers to get familiar with another option when receiving a breakout pass along the boards. So many times the wings try to force the puck up the boards when there is pressure coming from the point.  The defense in this drill provide support so the wings can give a pass back the defense.  After they make that pass they try to beat the pressure up the ice to create an odd man advantage.  The weak side forward needs to time their route to the middle so they are available for a pass from the defense and occupy the space vacated by the player applying pressure.  The attacking forward can then read the ice as they attack the defense from the other side.  Fd, after applying pressure becomes the backchecker.  You can run this hockey drill out of both ends if you have enough players. 


rossi500 on 11/25/2018

good back check drill

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