Continuous Breakouts - #1

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This is a good drill for warm ups on a day where you plan on working on breakouts.  It allows defense to work on their passes and their pivots.  The forwards are able to work on their timing creating a flat pass as the defense carry the puck around the net.

The Drill starts as D1 carries the puck around the net and, staying inside the dots, turns up ice and passes to F1.  F1 then carries the puck down the length of the ice for a long shot on goal (warm ups).  Once D1 makes the pass to F1, they continue forward to the top of the circles and pivot to a backwards skate (as if there were a turnover). F3 then dumps a puck in the corner and D1 pivots and retreives the puck, carries it around the net and gives a pass to F2, then continues forwards again to the top of the circle, stops, and skates backwards to the bottom of the circle before pivoting and skating to the back of the line.

Forwards need to time their curl so they are not too far ahead of the play.  They should pivot as they swing so that they are always facing the puck.

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