Chase the Rabbit Series - With Pucks

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This activity works on puck control while skating forwards and backwards, awareness, agility, and creativity. There are 4 progressions and each progression is slightly more difficult. The fourth progression should be reserved for advanced players.


This is a great station activity for 1/3 stations, 1/4 ice stations, and 1/6 ice stations. Depending on how difficult you wish to make it you can place objects like borders, cones, and tires scattered throughout the station. Pair up the players with partners of similar ability.

How to Play

In each round one player is designated as the "Rabbit" and is chased / followed by their partner. Each round should last 30 - 45 seconds followed by a short rest. The next round players will swap positions.

Variation #1 - The "rabbit" has the puck and tries to stay away from the chaser with deceptive moves, quick stop and starts, changes of directions, tight control turns, and any other creative moves they can execute. The chaser does not try to steal the puck, just maintain a close distance.

Variation #2 - Both players will have a puck. The same rules apply. The player chasing the rabbit tries to maintain a close distance and execute all of the moves made by the "Rabbit".

Variation #3 - The "Rabbit" skates backwards without a puck. The chaser has a puck and tries to maintain a close distance to the "Rabbit" while they skate backwards.

Variation #4 - Both the "Rabbit" and the chaser skate backwards with pucks. Requires both players to have awareness while maintaining puck control going backwards.

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