Attack Position with Puck

Key Points:

  • Puck is on the forehand either beside or behind the heels. This forces the defender to respect the threat to pass or shoot.
  • Both skate blades are on the ice which allows for east-west skating deception.
  • Head and eyes are up scanning the ice for the "best" available play. When attacking in this position you will be presented with multiple options to attack. Keeping your head and eyes scanning will allow you to identify the best option.

Lets Break it Down!

Stamkos attack position on 2 vs 1

Stamkos attack position on 2 vs 1. The goalie and defence need to respect that he can shoot, pass or drive the net.

Panarin attack position

Panarin in the attack position on a 2 vs 1 line rush. He is disguising his pass.

Panarin attack position

His eyes and shoulders are going towards the goal which creates the illusion of Panarin wanting to shoot.

The last second opening of his blade decieves the defender and the pass goes through the Royal Road.

Mitch Marner in Attach position

Mitch Marner using attack position taking advantage of defenseman with poor stick positioning and gap.

Pump fake, push puck, and fire.

Marner freezes Defense

Marner freezes Defense with the "pump fake" and now begins to "push" his puck around the him.

Marner pushes puck around defense

Marner "pushes" puck around defense and accelerates to create space for himself.

Marner has created space

Marner has create space and can take a clean shot on net.

Giroux in attack position

Giroux in attack position on a 1 vs 1 line rush.

Puck is behind the heels

The puck is behind his heels in the attack position as he approaches the defender.

He pauses in the attack position

Giroux pauses in the attack position and freezes the defense.

Giroux pushes the puck laterally

Giroux pushes the puck laterally towards the middle of the ice using inside edge of outside skate.

Created enough separation for a clean shot

Now he has created enough seperation moving laterally to get a shot towards a goalie that has to move lateral.

scores through the 5 hole

He scores through the 5 hole as the goalie and defender could not adjust to the lateral movement.

Supporting Drills

Stationary Pull & Release

When you can change the angel of your shot while it is in the attack position it can be a great weapon for forwards. Changing the shooting angle quickly can also help you avoid the other team's sticks, shinpads and skates, which will make it easier to get the puck on net.

Pull & Release While Skating

Once players are able to handle the stationary pull & release progression, they should work on doing it while skating. This video shows examples of how it can be done. As players get more and more comfortable, they should increase their skating speed!