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Offensive Hockey Drills

Umbrella Roll Power Play Drill

Umbrella Roll Power Play Drill - Ice hockey drill

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COW Hockey's Continuous 2 on 0

A great full ice continuous 2 on 0 drill that can be a good high tempo drill if you are looking for a warm up drill or flow drill.

COW Hockey's Continuous Cycle Drill

This user supplied hockey drill is a great fast paced offensive zone cycling drill.

4 Lines Below the Puck Zone Rush

Work on attacking the zone with this hockey drill that also emphasizes neutral zone timing and good puck support. The drill results in a 3 on 0 rush that can be modified for 3 on 1 or 3 on 2.

Murphy's Down Low Drill

A forward specific drill that works on retrieving the puck down low and making a quick pass to the front of the net.

Transition Protect & Shoot Hockey Drill

This hockey drill has elements of transition and shooting but the focus is on puck protection on the rush.

Quick Turn Up 2 on 1

This is a good 2 on 1 hockey drill for forwards and defense. It simulates a quick transition and requires forwards to make a quick read to create the scoring chance.

Philly Down Low Progression #2

Players work on creating scoring chances down low by communicating, moving their feet, cycling, and protecting the puck.

Philly Down Low Progression #1

This hockey drill is the first in a progression of drills aimed at creating scoring chances down low with puck protection and cycling.

2 on 0 React and Support Drill

Supporting the puck is often an overlooked habit. Here is a simple drill that allows you to focus on how to provide good support to the puck carrier.

Quickie 2 vs. 1 with Scissor Cycle

A great hockey drill for forwards that works on a quick read and react 2 on 1 and then cycle play out of the corner.

Overload Power Play Hockey Drill
Overload Power Play Drill #2

Give players a lot of repetitions in overload power play situtations. Great for one timers and quick shots.

Flames O-Zone Give and Gos

This drill involves retrieving the puck off the boards before a give and go to the net.

Royal Puck Protection Down Low

This hockey drill is about puck protection while cutting to the front of the net. It's great to work on goal scoring and driving the net from below the goal line.

Speed 2 on 1 Hockey Drill for Forwards

This is a great 2 on 1 as the defense regroups the puck and moves it to the forwards who end up going up ice 2 on 1.

Soft Chip Overlap Possession Hockey Drill

This drill works on entering the zone with a chip off the boards. It continues in the offensive zone with a set entry play.

Continuous Slot Hockey Shooting Drill

This is a simple drill to give your goalie some work and help your forwards with finishing their chances in the slot.

Money Maker - Ice Hockey Drill

This drill has a little bit of everything in the offensive zone.

Defense Read 2 on 1 - Hockey Drill

This is a good drill to get your defensemen working on their 2 on 1 positioning and how they should be reading 2 on 1's.

Offensive Zone Cycling with High Roll

This is a cycle drill that gets the defensive involved offensively.

Transition Give and Go from Corner Ice Hockey Drill

This is a simple give and go drill that ends with a shot from the high slot.

Warm Up Hockey Drill - Finland Warm Up Skate 2 on 0

This is a good warm-up drill that gets the feet moving and will give the goalie some good shots.

East Coast 2 on 0
East Coast 2 on 0

This drill works on puck support in the neutral zone and finishes with a 2 on 0

Ice Hockey Drill, Cycle Series #3

Here is the third version of our cycle series that has the coach put some pressure on the forwards along the boards.

Cycle Series #2 Ice Hockey Drill

Here is the second version of our cycle series that has the forwards navigate the offensive zone in a different manner than usual.

Ice Hockey Drill, Cycle Series #1

This is a simple cycle drill that is effective for forwards of most ages. Coaches can jump in and create token pressure.

3 Level 2 on 0 Hockey Drill

Great drill for your forwards and goalies as 3 quick 2 on 0's come in.

Wisconsin Power Play Hockey Drill

This is a perfect drill if you run an umbrella power play. It works on the defense sliding to the middle and feeding the high winger.

2 on 1 Down Low

This is a 2 on 1 down low that will require your forwards to create offense in a tight space. It mimics a lot of chances that may arise on the power play.

Dump In Timing

This drill is perfect for working on cross-ice dump-ins. It requires communication and timing.

Quick Transition 2 on 1

This 2 on 1 starts with a shot from the point before the forwards head down ice on the defensman that started off the drill.

Outside to Inside Hockey Attack

This drill works on a quick outside to inside attack move for forwards when entering the zone. It's a great drill to develop quick shots and creativity.

Cycle Down Low with Shot

This is a cycle drill that works the corners and eventually the puck to the front of the net. Add in a d-man for some extra pressure.

Neutral Zone Attack with Speed #1

This is a great drill for forwards to work on picking up speed through the neutral zone and attacking the zone down the half wall with a quick shot.

2 on 0 Escape

This drill is great for forwards and works on a Mohawk move along the boards to buy time and space for the player driving the net.

2 vs. 1 Battle Drill In the Corner

This is a battle drill that will help with forechecking and communication between the forwards.

2 - 0 Drive

This drill is very simple, but is good for teaching youngsters how to drive to the net with authority.

Shoot & Go

This is a fun race/battle drill that starts off as a short 2-0 where the players end up racing each other for a loose puck down ice.

Moose Simple Timing 2 on 1

Here's a different approach to running a 2 on 1 that calls for a transition pass up to the forwards as the enter the zone 2 on 1.

Quick Cycle Hockey Drill

This drill is great for forwards to work on the basics of cycling in the offensive zone and driving the net.

2 on 0 Flow Hockey Drill

This hockey drill is good for warm-ups as it has a good pass with some easy passes and gets the goalies shots from different angles.

Corner Puck Possession Drill

This puck protection drill works on maneuvering in tight spaces while keeping the proper body position. It works as a great station drill.

Offensive Zone Quick 2 on 0

Communication is the key to this drill as the forwards need to be on the same page for this half ice 2 on 0.

2 on 1 - 2 on 2 Full Ice Regroup

This regroup drill is simple and turns into a 2 on 1 down the ice after a quick regroup in the neutral zone.

Seam Attack Drills

Attacking the seam is a skill that most goal scorer's possess. This drill works on attacking the seam and adding in a second player.

Protect and Escape #1

This drill is geared towards forwards in the offensive zone. Forwards will work on protecting the puck from the defense while keeping their feet moving and maintaining puck control using sharp turns.

Puck Protection Down Low

This puck protection drill is great for youngsters and can be set up as a station.

2 vs 0 Down low

This is a simple 2 on 0 down low but it allows your players to be creative and create the best possible scoring chance with one pass.

2 on 0 Quick Re-Group

This is a cool 2 on 0 regroup that helps players fill open lanes and communicate while regrouping in the neutral zone.

Stretch Pass 3 on 0

This can be a good warm up flow drill. It is a 3 on 0 drill in which each player takes their own route and needs to time their zone entry.

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