Offense to Defense 2 on 2
Offense to Defense 2 on 2

This 2 on 2 drill us typically used for station or ADM based practices and played in a smaller area. The animation and diagram show this being run using a quarter if the ice. It can also be run using half ice and is more suited for older players when you can use half ice.


  • Start the drill with two players on defense facing the two opposing offensive players.
  • The coach starts the drill by giving a pass to one of the offensive players. The two offensive players will attack the defenders and play 2 on 2 below the blue line.
  • If the offensive players score then the coach plays a new puck into the zone and the play continues.
  • The defenders must get possession of the puck and make a tape to tape pass to one of the next offensive players in line. Once they do that they go to the back of the line.
  • The players that were on offense now become the defenders and they play 2 on 2 against the two new offensive players until they can make a tape to tape pass to the next two players. If the defenders do not make a good tape to tape pass to the next players in line then the coach plays a new puck into the zone and they must keep playing. This prevents them from just throwing the puck out of the zone.
  • Keep score! Forwards get 2 points for a goal and defense gets 1 point for clearing the puck. This game is continuous. 

Coaching Points

  • The defense will be tired since they will be "double shifting." Encourage good positioning and stick on the ice.
  • Fowards should try to isolate one defender and create a 2 on 1 instead of attacking the 2 on 2.
  • Defenders should be aware of player without the puck and communicate to which player they have.
  • Defenders need to control puck even if they have to pass to each other before making pass to next set of forwards.
  • Both teams should not be afraid to hold on to the puck, and protect it until they are able to make a play.
  • Both teams should work on verbal & non-verbal communication with their partner.
  • Compete to score points for your team! Celebrate points!



livewell87 on 9/28/2019
TBL 8U Beljanski on 9/20/2019

Good for 8U at any level

igg12 on 9/2/2019

Great 2vs2 compete game

jeff.chapman on 7/25/2019

sss on 3/12/2019
Go small area game
coachnickmac on 1/28/2019

great 2on2 drill

Remko on 1/2/2019

Training for next week

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