Quick Turn Up 2 on 1

Quick Turn Up 2 on 1 diagram

This 2 on 1 drill sets up a situation that players often find in a game..a neutral zone turnover that creates a transition. If acted upon quickly, this turnover can create a great scoring opportunity for your team. The turnover develops into a 2 on 1 using half the width of the ice (a situation that is even common during a rush in 3 on 2 situations). Regardless of how you are teaching your players to react to 2 on 1, both offensively and defensively, this drill presents a great situation to practice.


To set up the drill place two lines of forwards at center ice as shown in the diagram.  Two forwards from each line come out to the blue line, one along the wall and the other inline with the edge of the circles. One puck is placed inline with the dots at center ice. The defense is lined up under the hash marks along the wall and the defensive player that starts is at the top of the circles.

On the whistle, the forwards sprint up to the blue line, retrieve the puck, then attack the defender 2 on 1. The forward that starts on the inside will retrieve the puck.  There are three options for the forwards to emphasize. First, have the puck carrier drive wide.  If they do this then the inside forward drives hard to the net or stays high.  Second, the puck carrier can cut to the middle towards the defender and either keep the puck or drop it as the inside forward cuts behind.  All three options are shown in the animation.  The players should play the puck until they score, the goalie freezes the puck, or the puck goes above the top of the circles.

Coaching Points

  • Player without the puck should work to get open or drive the net
  • Forward should try using deceptive techniques to create space, a couple of examples:
    • Change up skating pace
    • Look one way and pass or skate another way
  • Defenseman should make sure to keep their stick on the ice to take away passing options and play a tight gap.


Supporting Fundamentals

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