Cross Fire Possession Game

This game is all about passing, possession, and awareness. Set up a square area with cones as shown in the diagram. The size of the square can vary depending on the age and skill level of the players. Larger areas are needed for less skilled players while smaller areas will challenge players with higher levels of skill. Thre are size players on each team. Two players on each team are inside the box while the other two players are on the outside of the box on opposite sides.

The object of the game is to get the puck to go from one player on the outside of the box to their teammate on the opposite side using the players in the middle. When a player on the inside of the box gains possession of the puck they will look to get it to one of their teammates on the outside of the box. The player on the outside of the box must try to pass to one of the players on the inside of the box. If they make a successful pass to one fo their teamates inside the box then the players inside the box work together to get the puck to their teammate on the opposite side.

Coaching Points

  • Players need to protect puck until they can make a play.
  • Stress movement without the puck.
  • Empasize pass and move and give & gos.

Supporting Fundamentals


MaProulx on 10/13/2020

Really like that game. Made it into 3 on 3. Players loved it from U10 to U20!

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