Gretzky 2 vs. 2 Game

The Gretzky 2 vs. 2 Game from Topher Scott is a fun small area hockey game that has one major modification to a normal 2 vs. 2 game: each team has two "Gretzky's" behind the net that they can pass to. These "Gretzky's" behind the net must stay behind the net. The setup of the game allows for a lot of creativity, and give & go's!


  • In a half ice setup, place two nets facing each other in opposite face off circles.
  • Each team has 2 players behind the net in their offensive zone. They can not go in front of the net.
  • Have a 2 vs. 2 in the middle of the ice.
  • To start, coach can pass a puck, take a shot on net, or chip it in the middle of the ice for a battle.
  • Keep score! 

Coaching Points:

  • Offensive players:
    • Players in the middle of the ice: work on give and go's! Pass and get open.
    • Players behind the net: know where you want to pass to before you get the puck. Use the net as protection and get creative!
  • Defensive players:
    • Head on a swivel and know where all of the players are.
    • Keep stick on ice to block passing lanes.


  • Can be 2v2 or 3v3 in the middle of the ice.
  • Can allow 1 or 2 "Gretzky's"
  • Can require players to only hold the puck for 1 or 2 seconds or a whistle is blown.


Supporting Fundamentals


pgavalanche on 9/16/2022

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