1 v 1, to 2 v 2 to 3 v 3 diagram


This quick paced small area game from Kendall Coyne Schofield gets a lot of players moving and is great to work on goal scoring when there is back pressure. 

Set Up

  • Set up 2 nets on the half wall in one of the zones
  • A goalie is defending each net
  • Team "X" and Team "O" should be lined up on the blue line on one side
  • Make sure there is at least a 10 ft space between the teams on the blue line
  • There should be pucks lined up for each team near the center of the blue line


Play up to a certain amount of goals, team "X" vs team "O"

  • On the whistle, player 1 from team O skates in on a mini breakaway 
  • Player 1 from team X leaves on the same whistle to apply back pressure on the player from team O
  • On the second whistle player 2 from team X skates in on a mini breakaway while player 2 from team O applies the back pressure
  • On that same second whistle, player 1 from both team X and team O join the rush to make it a 2 v 2
  • On the third whistle player 3 from team O skates in on a mini breakaway while player 3 from team X applies the back pressure
  • On that same third whistle, players 1 and 2 from both teams join the rush to make it a 3 v 3
  • Coach can blow the whistle whenever they see fit
  • Make sure the team who starts with the puck switches after every rep to keep it fair
  • Keep score!

Coaching Points

  1. Scoring Under Pressure - players need to control the puck and get to the net and shoot quickly
  2. Escaping Pressure - when your teammates join the rush you can make the decision to escape pressure and find the players joining the rush
  3. Applying Pressure - working hard to apply pressure to your opponents trying to score

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