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Animated Ice Hockey Systems

Forehand Pick Offensive Zone Face-Off

This face-off play sets up for the player coming behind the center to get a good shot on their forehand. While the defense thinks the center is trying to win the face-off to the board side wing...

Overload to Umbrella vs Pressure PK

This power play option starts with the overload formation and transforms into the umbrella. This option is good when facing an aggressive penalty kill as it works the puck quickly...

3 on 2 zone Entry - Chip

This is an option for a 3 on 2 rush when the defense play the puck carrier tight at the blue line. This diagram shows the center pushing the puck up the ice to the wing.

NE 1-3-1 forecheck

This is a 1-3-1 variation that is similar to a typical trap forecheck. This is often very useful against a control breakout or a line change situation when you cannot pressure the puck right away.

3 on 2 Zone Entry - Overlap #3

This variation also requires the outside puck carrier to cut to the middle and leave the puck for the center. This time the player that leaves the puck will get it right back.

3 on 2 Zone Entry - Overlap #2

This option requires the player that makes the drop pass to find space in the high slot for a return pass.

3 on 2 Zone Entry - Overlap #1

Here is the first option in a series of options that are useful on 3 on 2 zone rush situations.

5 on 3 Penalty Kill against a Box and One

An example of how to kill a 5 on 3 penalty against a Box and One Power Play.

5 on 3 Box and One - Off Hand Options

This 5 on 3 power play option places two players at the top of the box on...

Center Fly, Counter Breakout

This purpose of this breakout is to reverse the flow to the weak side of...

Center Fly, Weak Side Wing Support Breakout

This breakout starts with the defense "wheeling" the puck behind the net...

Neutral Zone Face-Off Rim - Offensive Blue Line

Neutral Zone face off play designed to gain offensive zone possession.

2-3 Neutral Zone Forecheck

Neutral zone forecheck where F1 and F2 apply pressure the opponents defense.

1-2-2 Neutral Zone Forecheck

Neutral zone forecheck where F1 is responsible for applying pressure the defense.

Defensive Zone Face Off Loss

This describes the responsibilities for a defensive zone face off loss.

Defensive Zone Coverage - Wingers Low

This defensive zone system requires the wingers to help out down low while the center is responsible for covering the points.

Defensive Zone - Centers Low

The centers playing low means man on man coverage down low in the...

Maine Scissors Penalty Kill Forecheck

This objective ofthis penalty kill forecheck is to create a turnover...

Triple Option Power Play Breakout

This power play breakout offers three very good options. The best option...

Quick Blast Offensive Zone Face Off

Offensive zone face off designed to get the puck to the player with a great one time shot.

Power Play - Super 6

This power play system starts in a typical overlaod set up.  The idea...

One Timer to Winger Overload - Face Off

In this offensive zone face off both wingers will line up in front of the...

Switch Wing Offensive Zone Face Off

A common face off play used to generate a quick shot on net.

One Timer to Winger Offensive Zone Face Off

An offensive zone face off play to create a quick one-time shot by the wing.

Don Rizzo Play - Offensive Zone Face Off

An offensive zone face off play where the defense send the puck behind the net.

Overload Shock Neutral Zone Face Off

Create an offensive scoring chance with this neutral zone face off play.

Neutral Zone Flip Face Off Play

A neutral zone face off play used to create a quick scoring chance.

Half Shock Offensive Zone Face Off

The net side wing and defense switch places in this offensive zone face off play.

Half Shock Read Offensive Zone Face Off

This variation of the half shock can be used when there is a mis-match on the wall.

Defensive Zone Scissors D Zone Face Off Play

A defensive zone face off play to try and create an offensive scoring chance.

Neutral Zone Shock Neutral Zone Face Off Play

Catch the opponents off guard with this neutral zone face off play.

Ice Hockey Drill

 Whe the puck goes to P2, K2 applies pressure and eliminates the pass...

I Formation Penalty Kill Forecheck

Here is a common penalty kill system in which the two forwards line up in a stacked formation in the middle of the ice. The first player will force the pass and the second player will apply pressure towards the player receiving the pass.

Diamond Penalty Kill Forecheck

The diamond PK Penalty kill is effective against the umbrella power play. Here is an overview on how to execute it.

Double Stack Penalty Kill Forecheck

The double stack penalty kill forecheck attempts to force the power play breakout to one side of the ice.

Umbrella vs. Diamond

The most common penalty kill system to use against the umbrella is a diamond. It is the job of the three players at the top of the umbrella to recognize that the opponents are using a diamond and get the puck down low to an outlet as soon as possible.

Box and One Power Play

The box and one power play can be very effective but requires a bit of higher end skill. Quick puck movement and decisions is required.

Overload Power Play Option #1

The overload power play is one of the more popular systems to run because so many options can develop once it is set up.

Overload Power Play Option #2

Here is another option to run out of the Overload Power Play. This is more commonly known as the Give & Go. The idea is for F1 and F2 to Isolate X1 into a 2-1 situation.

Overload Option #3

Another option in the overload power play is the "pick". When F2 gets the puck, they carry it behind the net. F3 needs to position themselves between X2 and the net.

Ice Hockey Drill

This option of the overload requires F2 and D1 to read how the penalty...

Overload Option #5

In this option, F2 sets up behind teh net with the puck.  F1 & F3...

Double Swing Breakout

Here is an option for the power play breakout. The defense will carry the puck up ice while two players swing to each side.

Box and One Pick

The main idea of the box and one is to move the puck quickly between P1, P2, P4, and P5 to spread out the Penalty Killers.

2-1-2 Forecheck (Strong Side Support)

This is a very common forecheck in which the first two forwards pressure hard while the third forward stays high in the slot.

1-2-2 Centers Low

This system can be a good curve ball to throw against your opponents. The idea is that it tempts them to use the middle of the ice as their only outlet and use your defense to take advantage of the turnovers in the high slot.

Trap Forecheck

The idea behind the trap is to force the puck to the winger on the boards. If players are positioned correctly, this player will have to force a play into the triangle.

 Inverse Forecheck

This forecheck can be effective when you are facing teams with superior talent. Requires disciplined wingers and smart defense.