Nobles 2 V 2 + 2 Teammates Transition Game

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The Nobles 2 v 2 + 2 Teammates Transition game is a fun variation of the normal Nobles 2 v 2 Transition game, but allows for more passing since it is a 4 V 2 Game.


  • Inside the zone, start a 2 v 2 game.
  • Whoever wins the puck battle, and passes the puck to their teammates along the boards will be on offense.
  • The pass to the players along the boards beings the 4 V 2.
  • The offensive team is trying to score, and the defending team is trying to gain puck possession. 
  • If the defending team gets the puck and they pass to their teammates along the boards, they will be transition to offense.
  • The game is continuous, the offensive team is trying to score, while the defending team is trying to get the puck to their teammates on the boards.

Coaching Points

  • Offensive Players:
    • Practice quick transitions
    • Get to the net
    • Utilize switches and exchanges with your teammates
    • Practice quick release catch and release shots
    • Use deception and cutbacks to create time and space
  • Defensive Players:
    • Keep puck to the outside, do not chase the puck
    • Keep stick on the ice to block passing and shooting lanes
    • Transition the puck quickly to your teammates on the boards when you gain possession


  • Can have 1 support player along the boards instead of 2. This would make the game 3 v 2 instead of 4 v 2.
  • Can play Nobles 2 v 2 Transition Game which keeps the transition element but the game is only a 2 v 2.

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