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Hockey Drills

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Continuous Rim Drill

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Basic Cross Over Skating Station

This is a basic skating drill that works on cross-overs around one of the circles. Players can go two at a time twice around the circle and then stop back at the blue line.

Four Cone Control Turn Station

This skating drill focuses on control turns. Set up the drill by placing four cones as shown in the diagram. Players start by doing control turns to their left around each cone.

5 Puck Breakaway Races (Cross-Ice)

The objective of this game is to score 5 goals before the other team scores 5 goals. To set up the game line up players along the blue line as shown in the diagram.

Neutral Zone 2 on 2

This is a basic 2 on 2 game that can be set up in the neutral zone. Split up the players into two teams and have them line up along the dots as shown.

Backwards Give and Go Station #1

This is the first of the backwards give and go station drills. This is a good series for the younger ages because it can be set up in a small area of ice, in this case it only uses half of the offensive zone.

Control Turn Puck Control

This drill only uses half of one zone and is geared towards the younger players. It is a simple drill allowing players to work on puck control while making tight control turns.

Breakout Pass 1 on 1

This drill involves one pass and a one on one in tight space. It is designed for younger teams and can be used as a station because it only involves half of the zone.

Neutral Zone Six Shooter

This diagram looks much more complicated than it really is. Watch the animation and you will see that it is a simple drill that allows six players to go at one time.

Neutral Zone Three Shot Station

This drill can be done in the neutral zone on both sides if two nets are available. This would provide two stations in the neutral zone.

React and Angle Drill

This drill works on the players ability to angle. The players line up in two lines on each side of the coach as shown. The coach will have all the pucks.

Cross Ice 2 on 1

A great small area 2 on 1 drill that can be used as a game. it is a great drill for younger age levels and good to use with stations.

COW Hockey's Continuous 2 on 0

A great full ice continuous 2 on 0 drill that can be a good high tempo drill if you are looking for a warm up drill or flow drill.

COW Hockey's Continuous Cycle Drill

This user supplied hockey drill is a great fast paced offensive zone cycling drill.

Short Track Flim Flom

A hockey drill derived from the famous "Flim Flom" drill but shortened up a bit and modified to place a little more emphasis on skating speed.

4 Lines Below the Puck Zone Rush

Work on attacking the zone with this hockey drill that also emphasizes neutral zone timing and good puck support. The drill results in a 3 on 0 rush that can be modified for 3 on 1 or 3 on 2.

Puck Control Relays

This relay race works on three types of puck control. It is a great hockey drill for young players and they will have fun with this one too.

Trinity Puck Control Drill

A half ice hockey drill that works on puck control. There are several situations that players rotate through that all focus on puck control, each ending in a shot on net.

Explosive Skating with Tires

A hockey skating drill that focuses on explosive starts for forwards and backwards starts for defense.

Four Lines Flow #3

This is the third drill in the Four Line Flow passing series. Four passes are required before the player takes a shot on net.

Four Lines Flow #2

Here is the second progression in the Four Lines Flow Series. This is a slightly advanced variation that requires good passing skills.

Four Lines Flow #1

This is the first hockey drill in a series of three that can be a good passing progression at the start of practice.

Two Tire Shooting Warm Up

Here is a good skill development drill that works on passing, skating, and puck control. Variations can be added to allow for emphasis on passing or puck control.

Four Zone 1 on 1

Here is a challenging 1 on 1 drill that works on taking away time and space, angles, and endurance.

Four Corner Shooting Warm Up #1

If you have to plan for a practice with lots of players or a half ice practice then this is a great warm up shooting drill.

Tight Space 1 on 1

Here is one to put in your half ice 1 on 1 hockey drills practice plans. Players have to work on a 1 on 1 situation coming out of a figure eight.

Murphy's Down Low Drill

A forward specific drill that works on retrieving the puck down low and making a quick pass to the front of the net.

Net Play Goalie Drill - 1 on 0

This goalie drill gives goalies a chance to work on stopping and controlling the puck when it is rimmed behind the net.