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Hockey Drills

Featured: Continuous Rim Drill

Continuous Rim Drill

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COW Hockey's Continuous 2 on 0

A great full ice continuous 2 on 0 drill that can be a good high tempo drill if you are looking for a warm up drill or flow drill.

COW Hockey's Continuous Cycle Drill

This user supplied hockey drill is a great fast paced offensive zone cycling drill.

Short Track Flim Flom

A hockey drill derived from the famous "Flim Flom" drill but shortened up a bit and modified to place a little more emphasis on skating speed.

4 Lines Below the Puck Zone Rush

Work on attacking the zone with this hockey drill that also emphasizes neutral zone timing and good puck support. The drill results in a 3 on 0 rush that can be modified for 3 on 1 or 3 on 2.

Puck Control Relays

This relay race works on three types of puck control. It is a great hockey drill for young players and they will have fun with this one too.

Trinity Puck Control Drill

A half ice hockey drill that works on puck control. There are several situations that players rotate through that all focus on puck control, each ending in a shot on net.

Explosive Skating with Tires

A hockey skating drill that focuses on explosive starts for forwards and backwards starts for defense.

Four Lines Flow #3

This is the third drill in the Four Line Flow passing series. Four passes are required before the player takes a shot on net.

Four Lines Flow #2

Here is the second progression in the Four Lines Flow Series. This is a slightly advanced variation that requires good passing skills.

Four Lines Flow #1

This is the first hockey drill in a series of three that can be a good passing progression at the start of practice.

Two Tire Shooting Warm Up

Here is a good skill development drill that works on passing, skating, and puck control. Variations can be added to allow for emphasis on passing or puck control.

Four Zone 1 on 1

Here is a challenging 1 on 1 drill that works on taking away time and space, angles, and endurance.

Four Corner Shooting Warm Up #1

If you have to plan for a practice with lots of players or a half ice practice then this is a great warm up shooting drill.

Tight Space 1 on 1

Here is one to put in your half ice 1 on 1 hockey drills practice plans. Players have to work on a 1 on 1 situation coming out of a figure eight.

Murphy's Down Low Drill

A forward specific drill that works on retrieving the puck down low and making a quick pass to the front of the net.

Net Play Goalie Drill - 1 on 0

This goalie drill gives goalies a chance to work on stopping and controlling the puck when it is rimmed behind the net.

Panda 2 on 1 with Backcheck

This is a 2 on 1 drill submitted by one of the Ice Hockey Systems members. This is a great drill to keep in mind when you only have one goalie at practice.

Transition Protect & Shoot Hockey Drill

This hockey drill has elements of transition and shooting but the focus is on puck protection on the rush.

Quick Turn Up 2 on 1

This is a good 2 on 1 hockey drill for forwards and defense. It simulates a quick transition and requires forwards to make a quick read to create the scoring chance.

Philly Down Low Progression #2

Players work on creating scoring chances down low by communicating, moving their feet, cycling, and protecting the puck.

Philly Down Low Progression #1

This hockey drill is the first in a progression of drills aimed at creating scoring chances down low with puck protection and cycling.

Transition Angling Drill

Checking and angling is often overlooked. Here is a checking and angling drill that gives coaches an opportunity to teach some fundamentals of checking.

2 on 0 React and Support Drill

Supporting the puck is often an overlooked habit. Here is a simple drill that allows you to focus on how to provide good support to the puck carrier.

Howie's Warm Up Skating Evaluation Drill

A featured skating drill from the blog post "How to run a successful tryout". This skating drill will help coaches evaluate player's overall skating ability.

Quickie 2 vs. 1 with Scissor Cycle

A great hockey drill for forwards that works on a quick read and react 2 on 1 and then cycle play out of the corner.

Full Ice Overspeed Progression #4

This skating drill offers a variation to the previous skating drills. It is a great drill to incorporate into a skating warm up. It is also an easy drill to tweak for your team's needs.

Neutral Zone Over-speed Transition Hockey Drill

An over-speed drill in the neutral zone where players can work on attacking the zone with speed.