2 vs. 2 2 Ways Game

2 vs. 2 2 Ways Game diagram

2 vs. 2 2 Ways Game from Topher Scott is a high-energy game that helps forwards practice zone entries while the defense practices stepping up on the puck carrier at the blue line. There is also a conditioning element to this game as you will see that players that finish their 2 vs. 2 game will rush down to the other end of the ice to join a 4 vs. 4 game.


  • Coach passes a puck to any one of the Forwards to begin a 2 vs. 2.
  • For the video example above, the Coach passes it to the Forwards that are heading into Zone 1.
  • The Forward & their teammate work to get the puck into Zone 1 & score while the Defense tries to hold the blueline and gain possession during the 2v2.
  • On a whistle, the Coach passes the puck to the second set of Forwards, and their 2v2 begins into Zone 2.
  • The first set of Forwards & Defenders stop their play in Zone 1 and race down to Zone 2 to begin a 4 vs. 4.

Coaching Points

  • Defense: work to hold the blue line! Keep stick on the ice drive through the body.
  • Offense: practice zone entries by skating or chipping the puck into the zone (do not dump the puck)!

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