Shoot Around The Traffic!
Shoot Around The Traffic!

An excellent shooting progression that works on getting shots on net around traffic from NewEdge Hockey. NewEdge Hockey calls this drill QS23 which is short for (Quick Start 3 Shots 2 Passes).

This progression forces players to get comfortable with the mechanics of pushing or pulling the puck around traffic (the net) in the offensive zone. Players must keep their head up to be successful. It is ok if players lose the puck while working on this drill. The goal is to be able to handle the puck while keeping your head up so you know your options and can shoot around traffic. The whole game changes when players can play with their head up. This drill is great for both forwards and defensemen. 


  • Progression # 1: The shooter works on pushing or pulling the puck around the traffic (net).
  • Progression # 2: The shooter works on 2 escape moves while pushing or pulling the puck around the traffic (net). 1st escape move is a stop while they are going backwards, and the 2nd escape move is a curl to protect the puck. 
  • Progression # 3: The shooter must work on their timing while they jump to the open ice to get a shot on net.

Coaching Points:

  • Communication: Both verbal and non-verbal communication for receiving passes. Verbal with your voice, non-verbal is presenting your stick where you want the puck.
  • Head up: Don't throw pucks at the net, get your eyes up and shoot to score, mix up your shot locations!
  • Under Handle The Puck: Receive, move, shoot. Try not to stickhandle before shooting.
  • Movement Tips: When moving backwards, pull the puck toward your toe caps and fire your shot quicker past the traffic (net). When moving forward, shoot when your stick clears the traffic, not your body (for a quicker shot). Practice being fluid, quick with your movements and shots.

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