Updated IHS Practice Planner: Create Engaging Practices in Minutes

The IHS practice planner was updated in August of 2021. Watch the tutorial video above to view the practice planner in action and read below to learn how to get the most out of it. 

Goals of the updated IHS practice planner:

  1. Help coaches save time by easily creating engaging practice plans in minutes
  2. Allow coaches & associations to collaborate with each other
  3. Increase team communication, engagement, and development
  4. Encourage coaches to create fun and engaging content for their team!

The best part? Once a practice is created, it will be stored in your practice library forever, where you can reference it anytime you want, from any device. Each practice can be printed out, edited, or shared digitally via email, text message, social media with players, parents, and fellow coaches. View the tutorial video above and log in to get started.

Content you can add to an IHS Practice Plan

  • Content from IHS (drills, systems, skill development videos, off-ice exercises)
  • Content from IHS Contributors
  • Content you draw on the IHS Drill Drawing Tool
  • Content from YouTube, Vimeo & Instagram
  • Videos filmed with a cell phone or video camera
  • Images, PDFs and text
  • Your team logo

What you can create with the IHS Practice Planner

  • On-ice practices
  • Off-ice / at home workouts
  • Skill sessions
  • Gameday plans (lineup, systems, face-off plays, etc)
  • Game footage breakdowns
  • Anything you can think of!

Steps to Create a Practice Plan

  1. Log in and click the 'Create' tab and select 'Practice Plan'.
  2. Add a title and click save at the bottom of the planner.
  3. Go to your practice and begin adding content! You can add content in three ways:
    • Add by browsing the site and clicking the “Add to Practice” buttons.
    • Add by entering the exact name of your drill.
    • Create new drills to add (you can add new drawings from the IHS Drill Drawing tool, add cell phone videos, YouTube videos, images, and more)!
  4. Add practice notes & details.
  5. Save & share with your team! (View below)

How to Share A Practice Plan

Share your practice plans in seconds by going to your 'Practice Libary' and clicking the 'Copy & Share URL' button (shown below) to be able to paste your link into text messages, email, social media, team apps, and more!

Example Practice Plans

What you can create & share is truly limitless with the Updated IHS Practice Planner. Click below to view 4 examples of digital practice plans created by Coach Alyssa Gagliardi:

  1. U12 Practice - Defensive Skills & Pressuring the Puck
  2. U10 Practice - Puck Protection Skills
  3. U8 Practice - Skating & Spatial Awareness
  4. U8 Practice - Skating Stations - Skill & Games

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve!