Interview with Denis Savard

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1. (0:25) What’s your earliest memory playing hockey?

2. (1:22) Why do you think hockey is the greatest game in the world?

3. (2:36) What's your first memory in the NHL, being drafted by the Blackhawks?

4. (4:00) What's your most memorable goal in your NHL career?

5. (4:40) How’d you pull off the spin-o-rama and what was the process behind it?

6. (6:17) What makes a good teammate?

7. (7:59) What was the feeling of hoisting the Stanley Cup in 1993?

8. (10:52) What advice can you give to young players trying to make their way?

9. (12:55) What was your favorite thing about coaching hockey?

10. (14:16) How did you keep your players accountable and what advice can you give other coaches?

11. (18:26) How would you get your players prepared for a big game?

12. (20:20) What advice do you have for young hockey coaches?

13. (22:04) What made you become a partner at ice hockey systems?