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The New Website

The team at IHS is proud to announce the unveiling of the updated website! If you have any questions or feedback for us, please contact us directly.

The goal of the new site is to make it easier for coaches all over the globe to access, organize, create and share hockey content with their team. Below is a brief rundown of the recent updates:

  • Mobile Improvements: The new site has been optimized for all mobile devices. We know coaches are on the go and we wanted to make sure that this site is fast and works well on every device, especially your cell phone and tablet. Over the next few months we plan to continue to optimize for mobile.
  • Searching for Drills: A simple search field has been added to the top of the hockey drills page on both mobile and deskptop versions so you can search by the name or part of the name of a drill.
  • Saving drills to your practices: A button (+ Add to practices) has been added to the top of the page when viewing a hockey drill. When clicked you will get a drop down list of your practices with a button so you can easily that drill to your practice.
  • Upload & Organize Your Favorite Content: Everyday there are thousands of new drills and videos posted around the world about cutting edge concepts and techniques. Some of the knowledge is incredible and worth saving and some of it is not. We created an easy “Upload Drill” feature that allows you to upload and organize drills you have created or noteworthy ones that you find around the web.
  • One Click Navigation: We updated our desktop and mobile site so members that are logged in have a sub-navigation bar throughout the site. This means you are always a click away from Accessing, Organizing, Creating and Sharing content.
  • Drill Lists are now called Saved Drills: One feature that members love, is the ability to save and categorize their favorite drills from IHS and around the web. We changed our “Drill Lists” software name to “Saved Drills.” We believe this name is more accurate as you can save your favorite drills, systems and exercises for easy access in the future!
  • Coaching Contributors: There are so many incredible coaches around the world with unique experiences, insights and cutting edge coaching methods. We will continue to work with the best names in the business to bring you additional drills, systems, skill videos, practice plans and more. If you are interested in being a contributor or working with IHS, please contact us. View our current coaches.
  • Updated Member Dashboard: Our biggest overhaul was done to our dashboard. As you know, IHS has been investing heavily in new content. At times it is hard to follow all of the new content that is being posted, so we now have a feed when you login to view all of the recent updates. Along with the "New Content Feed" you can easily find the recent content you have created by clicking “My Recent Content.”

A screenshot of the new dashboard can be found below.

Ice Hockey Systems Dashboard

IHS Membership Features

Access Exclusive Content

With a membership to IHS, coaches get instant and unlimited access to over 800 pieces of unique content. 800+ hockey drills, systems, practices and player development videos to help take your coaching and team to the next level. Use the age level and category tabs to find exactly what you are looking for!

Organize Your Content

We understand that 800+ pieces of content from Ice Hockey Systems can be overwhelming to digest all at once. That is why we created an organize section so you can organize all of your practices, drills, systems and off-ice exercises so you can easily access them in the future. Watch the video below to learn how to save and organize drills. Note: We recently changed the "Drill Lists" name to "Save Drills."

Create Drills & Practice Plans

With our software coaches can easily create practice plans, upload content they create along with other incredible content from around the web. Watch the video below to learn how to create a practice plan or upload a drill from around the web.

Learn How to Create a Practice
Learn How To Create & Upload A Drill

Share With Your Team

Sharing content allows coaches and teams to be more organized and prepared. Below is a demo of our Team Access section and how coaches can easily share practices, drills & systems with their team.

Learn How to Share Content With Your Team

The IHS Global Hockey Coaching Community

The Team at IHS would like to thank the 10,000+ members in 30+ countries around the globe for the dedicated support, collaboration and feedback! View our thank you coaches video

The IHS Team

We believe that a great coach has the ability to positively impact a player's life on and off the ice, forever. From the first drill posted in 2007 to the present day, is dedicated to providing the content and tools that educate, inspire and prepare hockey coaches worldwide.

Please visit the about us page to learn more about our team and our mission. Please contact us any time if you would like to collaborate or if you have any questions or suggestions! 

The Team at Ice Hockey Systems

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