Thank You Hockey Coaches

Thank You Great Hockey Coaches

A great coach can positively impact a life, forever. 

Being a great coach takes a lot of work, preparation, and patience. The Team at Ice Hockey Systems would like to thank all of the coaches out there who work hard to help their players improve on and off of the ice. Coaching can be challenging, but with the right mindset and dedication, it can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Below is a tribute video to all of the great hockey coaches. Share the video with a coach you would like to thank.

To all the hockey coaches, that gave up their weekends and nights, thank you.

For teaching us how to skate, how to stickhandle, and how to shoot the puck.

For teaching us about work ethic, and the value of never giving up.

Thank you for explaining the rules of the game, and that preparation becomes a reflection of our name.

Thank you for teaching us about respect, and what it means to pay attention.

As the years passed, our skills improved, and when we stepped on the ice, we skated like we had something to prove.

Drills became more complex, as coaches worked hard to make us better.

Our bonds deepened, as we spent more time together.

We experienced wins and losses, and always stood up for each other.

With your guidance, we become a family...a family of brothers, a family of sisters.

The pressure of the games took its toll, but the memories and friendships forged on the ice, will never leave our soul.

Whether our hockey coaches helped us get to The Stanley Cup, or to the local pond, we are forever part of the hockey family, and together we share this eternal bond.

So thank you hockey coaches, for sacrificing your weekends and nights, because your lessons taught on ice, transfer over to life.

Becoming a great coach takes time. It is important to keep learning and working to be a little bit better each practice and game you coach. Below are traits and tips from great hockey coaches:

  • Great hockey coaches savor the process of coaching, not the result. Results are not always immediate and linear, especially at the youth levels. There are many paths to success.
  • Work to create an engaging practice environment. Great things happen when players love to practice. Limit lines and long speeches! Let players make mistakes when pushing themselves. Add small area games and fun into every practice. Make practice the best part of their week!
  • Strive to develop relationships with each of your players. Ask them questions and listen. Be invested in their long term development.
  • Teaching players you can improve at anything with hard work is a valuable lesson that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.
  • Be honest and deliberate with your communication to players and parents. Ignoring issues does not help anyone.
  • Being prepared will increase your confidence. Confidence and positivity are contagious.
  • Integrate active learning strategies while coaching instead of only lecturing. Ask your players questions while you facilitate discussions with the individual and team. When players are involved in the learning process and know the reason "why" you are coaching something, they have a greater likelihood of understanding the topic.
  • Always be learning and never be afraid to ask for help. Listen to hockey podcasts, watch coaching videos and read books that spark your interest. Just like your players will be able to take lessons they learn on the hockey rink to their life, you will be able to apply your coaching knowledge and experiences into everything you do.
  • Write down your goals for the season and have your players do the same.
  • Hold your players accountable, but most importantly hold yourself accountable.
  • The best coaches know they can have a positive impact on someone's life. Try to be the coach that your players will remember in 30 years from now (in a positive way)!

Whether it is your first day coaching or your 30th year on the ice, we thank you! 

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