Practice Notes


Half Way Around The World - Head On
- 10-min
- 1
U8 Station Practice
- 32-40min
- 2-5
Partner Tag Obstacle Course
Freeze Tag
- 10-min
- 6

This practice utilizes four stations for the bulk of the session to develop skating fundamentals for balance, posture, edge control and change of direction. 

Key Coaching Points:

  • Heads Up, Eyes Up - Remind players to constantly be looking around the ice, aware of where opposing players are and where there is open space
  • Knee Bend - Encourage a deep knee bend in order for players to feel more comfortable on their edges, working on tight turns and quick change of direction
  • FUN - These drills all encourage a multitude of skill development, but all focus around fun, teamwork, and competition


Practice Plan:

  1. Warm Up (10-min) - Halfway Around the World - Head On
  2. Stations x 4 (8-10min/station)
  3. Freeze Tag (10-min)

Practice Diagram


Length of Time: 
Station Number: 

4 Stations - roughly 8-10min per station

  1. Obstacle Course Tag
  2. Sharks & Minnows
  3. Tennis Ball Hockey
  4. Tight Turns & Stops with Puck


Length of Time: 
Station Number: 

This game can be expanded to be played in one full zone. 

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