10 Drills From TJ Manastersky of Union College Hockey

10 Drills From TJ Manastersky of Union College Hockey

IHS is excited to announce a collaboration with TJ Manastersky of Union College. The collaboration includes 10 drills & small area games that work on a variety of skills and situations. Each drill contains a whiteboard video of TJ discussing important coaching points, along with a drill demonstration from Union College. Click below to get started! 

5 Free Drills 

  1. Redwing 2 V 3 or 2 V 4 - a special teams game that can work on the penalty kill forecheck and power play breakout concepts.
  2. Griffs 2 V 2 Game - a game that focuses on neutral zone transition and fundamentals of rush attack.
  3. Special Teams Entry Game - is designed to increase the repetitions of the entry situation in special teams, both for the power play, and penalty kill teams.
  4. Jets 2 V 2 Drill - a rush drill that puts pressure on the defenseman because they will be trying to gap up properly as they try to handle a lot of speed from the forwards.
  5. The Billy Purcell Breakout Drill - works on fundamentals of breakouts, such as passing, support, communication, and it leads into zone entry concepts.

5 IHS Member Exclusive Drills 

  1. Billy Purcell Off The Wall - is a warm up drill that gets shots for goaltenders while working on passing & receiving along with getting off of the wall to create space for yourself.
  2. Sens Regroup - works on offensive zone concepts and neutral zone transition.  
  3. 4 v 2 Two Touch Game - is fun game that brings energy and enthusiasm to your practice. It also works on your Power Play and Penalty Kill concepts. 
  4. Summerside Drill - works on the neutral zone transition, and helps defensemen work on the fundamentals of retrieving pucks so they can move them up to the forwards quickly so the team can re-attack.
  5. Wise Drill - is designed to work on offensive concepts, such as neutral zone transition, offensive zone entries, and offensive zone attack.

2 Free Blog Posts From TJ 

  1. First Principle of Coaching
  2. The Art of Coaching - Space Between The Notes

Thank you to TJ for sharing this information and knowledge with the hockey community! The Team at IHS highly recommends connecting with TJ on Twitter, along with subscribing to the Coaching Project Newsletter & the Coaching Project Podcast, where TJ delivers breakthrough knowledge in player development and leadership.