Sens Regroup

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The Sens Regroup Drill from Coach TJ Manastersky works on offensive zone concepts and neutral zone transition. 

TJ Manastersky shared this game with the IHS Community while he was an Assistant Coach at Union College. TJ is the Current Head Coach at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.


  • There are forwards in the corners, two defensemen at the point and two defensemen in front of the net
  • On whistle # 1, the forward in the corner passes to the defensemen at the point and begins a net front battle. The defensemen walks the blue line and tries to hit the forwards stick for the deflection.
  • On whistle # 2, the same forward to defenseman low to high pass happens, but this time there is a 2 v 2 in front of the net. The defenseman walks the blue line and takes a shot on net.
  • On whistle # 3, another forward out of the corner passes low to high to the defenseman at the point, who walks the blue line and takes a shot on net into the 3 v 2 in front of the net.
  • On whistle # 4, the coach on the far blue line will spot a puck around the blue line. The defenseman that was at the point jumps back to retreive the puck while the other defenseman jumps in the hole as support.
  • The 3 forwards that were battling in front of the net join the defensemen in the neutral zone, while the two defensemen that were in front of the net gap up. This begins a high tempo 3 v 2 rush.

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