The Weekly Edge: A Newsletter From IHS

The Weekly Edge

IHS is proud to announce the launch of The Weekly Edge - a newsletter that features some of our favorite hockey content from IHS and around the web.

The goal of the newsletter is to bring fresh ideas to your inbox early in the week to help you make practices fun and engaging so you and your players can develop throughout the season.

The Weekly Edge will be sent on Tuesday mornings from September through March. The newsletter contents will vary, but it will include:

  • Drill Of The Week
  • Practice Of The Week
  • Offensive Clip Of The Week
  • Defensive Clip Of The week
  • Social Spotlight

All IHS Members will be sent the weekly edge. If you know of any coach that would like to subscribe to The Weekly Edge for FREE, have them enter their email address here. Everyone can unsubscribe or resubscribe whenever they would like. If you have any questions or suggestions on the newsletter, please contact us.

To view the first edition of The Weekly Edge, click on the image below!