IHS Acquires Extensive Content Library from The Global Hockey Network

Acquisition Details

Ice Hockey Systems has announced its acquisition of content from The Global Hockey Network. This move brings in over 400 pieces of content, spanning a range of skill and age levels, with a notable concentration on youth development.

The content was developed with care and expertise under the guidance of The Global Hockey Network Group, consisting of Dave Cochran, Dave Freeman, Scott Sanderson and Kevin McLaughlin (former assistant executive director, USA Hockey), and a group of respected elite youth, Junior, NCAA and Professional Coaches. Each component has been designed to offer insights and techniques valuable to hockey development.

Chris Howard, Partner at IHS, expressed, “We're thrilled to announce our acquisition of content from The Global Hockey Network. This move highlights our unwavering commitment to our members as we aim to build the most comprehensive development resource in hockey. The depth, quality, and unique style brings a new dimension to IHS and bridges specific content areas we’ve been looking to fill.

Continuing, Chris added, "We can't emphasize enough how appreciative we are of Kevin McLaughlin and the collective group that makes up the Global Hockey Network team. The quality of content they've developed showcases their depth of knowledge and passion for hockey. It's been a privilege to work closely with them during this process."

Members of IHS will have immediate access to an initial 35 pieces of content with the rest set to be integrated into IHS throughout the upcoming year. The 400+ videos include drills, small area games, detailed skating videos, goaltending development, game situations and off-ice exercises.

"At Global Hockey Network, we created elite level game situation video clips & expert analysis that could be easily shared by a coach with his/ her team. We also provided clubs, hockey directors, coaches & players with relevant high quality drills and small area games that helped teach & reinforce the skills, habits & concepts for developing players to have more success in their own real game situations. We are extremely excited that Chris & his team will be able to offer these resources, on the extremely economical, industry leading IHS platform." said Kevin McLaughlin.

As our team moves on to other projects to enhance the game of hockey and other sports, it was great to align ourselves with Chris Howard and the team at IHS. The GHN team had always admired the work IHS has been doing in the space and we are pleased to assist them in the continued growth of their library to bring the absolute best hockey knowledge to the masses” said Dave Cochran of Global Hockey Network.


Jknott on 8/31/2023

Love it, thank you!