New Feature Alert: Collaborate With Other IHS Coaches

New Feature Alert: Collaborate With IHS Coaches

IHS is excited to announce our newest feature, Coaches Collaboration.

With this new update, IHS makes it extremely easy to save other coaches content into your practice library or drill library so you can reference it whenever you want!

How To Save Other Coaches Content Into Your IHS Account

Step 1) Drill Or Practice Must Be Shared With You: First, a coach must share a drill with you via the Copy & Share URL button within their drill library or practice library. All they have to do is click the Copy & Share URL button (shown below) and they can share the drill with you by pasting the link in email, text, social media or a team app.

Step 2) Click Save To My Drill Library ButtonOnce the content is shared with you, all you have to do is click the “Save To My Drill Library Button.”

Step 3) Click Save Drill Button: The "Save To My Drill Library" button will automatically create a duplicate copy of the drill and you can immediately save it to your library or begin editing the drill to put your own spin on it! When you are ready, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the drill page to officially save the content into your drill library. Now, next time you go into your drill library, you can add this drill to practice plans, edit it further, or share it with your team!

Below is a short video demo to show how the software works

Want to Try This New Feature Now?

Coaches WITHOUT an IHS account can view the drill and practices below for free. Coaches WITH an IHS account can view the content and save the drill and practice into their IHS libraries. Once saved, the coach can reference them forever, or even make edits on the drill & practice to put their own spin on the content.

  • Free Shared Drill: 2 v 2 Picket Fences - Click to view or save drill.
  • Free Shared Practice Plan: Head-Up & Awareness Hockey Practice - Click to view or save practice. If you have an IHS account you can save this practice plan and even add or remove drills in it after it is saved.

Start sharing your drills & practice plans with coaches within your association or with fellow coaches on social media! 

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Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.


Coach Bryan on 4/2/2022
I would like to be able to share my entire drill library with another coach who would also want to share entire drill library back with me. Is this possible without sharing each url?