Picket Fences is a great small area hockey game that can be setup as a 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 game. The offensive team gets 2 points for scoring a goal and the defensive team gets 1 point by skating the puck between the tires by the blue line. The "tire gate" at the blueline encourages extra effort from the defence instead of just chipping the puck out of the zone. 


Coaches can set up this drill up in a vareity of ways. It can be set up as a 1/4 station. It can be setup 2/3 of a zone (as pictured in the diagram) with the extra players acting as "bumpers"or it can even be a full half ice game where there are two sets of cones on each side of the blueline.

Coaching Points:

  • Head up: players on both teams needs to be aware of where the puck is, the other players are and where the open ice is.
  • Offensive team: Use the ice to your advantage, jump to open ice if you do not have the puck and make space on the ice if you do have the puck (with cutbacks, puck protection, etc)!
  • Defensive team: Communicate with each other and be aware of the other forward on the ice. When you get the puck, keep your head up so you can make a play and get the puck through the gate.