The All New IHS For Associations

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IHS has partnered with The Hockey Think Tank to launch the All New IHS for Associations; a comprehensive platform that provides tools and resources for coaches, players and parents. The platform allows associations to build out their shared practice and drill libraries so they can be referenced and cultivated by the entire association for years to come. Here are some of the highlights of what is included for your coaches, players, and parents:

IHS Association Features

  • IHS Memberships for Every Coach in your Association
  • Shared Association Libraries to keep Practices, Drills, Systems & Off-Ice content organized for years to come
  • Access to Player Development Content for Every Player
  • Access to The Parent Survival Guide (by The Hockey Think Tank) for Every Parent
  • The ability for your Director to Create and Recommend content to the association
  • Drill Drawing, Video Uploads, Practice Planner, Collaboration Tools & Much More

If you think IHS would be a good fit for your association, please take 30 seconds to Refer Your Association.  We will reach out with all of the information to get your association using IHS. For more details on IHS for Associations visit our Associations Page, Contact Us, or view our tutorial videos below.

Browsing Content as a Director

This video below provides an overview of our different content types and some tips to keep in mind to make browsing content more efficient.

Recommending Content to your Association

The video below shows the different ways to recommend content to your association, which is a great way to build your libraries and give your coaches an even better resource.

Create Custom Folders for Content

Custom folders allow you to organize your own content or IHS content in your own way. First you create a folder and give it a descriptive name. Whenever you view a drill, system, exercise, or practice plan you can use the tools at the bottom of the page to drop it into any of your custom folders. To view a full demonstration please watch the video below.

Creating Drills as a Director

The video below goes over the 3 different ways that you can create a drill so that you can build on top of IHS’s content and provide your coaches with customized drills.

Creating a Practice as a Director

Creating and sharing a practice is very easy on IHS.  The video below goes over how to create a practice and then share it with coaches in your association.

Adding Coaches to Your Association

The video below shows the simple process of creating IHS accounts for the coaches in your association.

Adding Logos to Your Association Account & Drill Drawings

The video below shows how you can add your association's logo into your header and into all of your drill drawings!

If you are a director that just signed your association up, welcome! We are happy to have you here. Please contact us anytime with any questions or suggestions on how we can improve.

If you would like to learn more about signing your association up with IHS, please visit our IHS For Associations landing page.