Intro to Body Contact & Checking Course: 5 Practice Plans

IHS is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Professional Skills Coach, Mark Zarbo, for the development of a Body Contact & Checking Course.

The course consists of 5 practice plans and 27 unique drills that help players learn the fundamentals of body contact and checking. Coaches can utilize the course to help their players learn how to give a hit, how to receive a hit, how to angle, how to protect the puck, and more. Most importantly, the course will try to build a players confidence in body contact & checking.

We believe that body contact and checking is a skill. It does not matter how big or small you are, if you know how to use your body effectively, you will be a better player.

The Body Contact & Checking Course

A special thank you to Mark Zarbo for creating this course for the IHS community. Make sure to visit Mark Zarbo's Contributor page to connect with Mark, and learn more.


VladIsakov on 10/17/2023

хорошая работа, 


Sardon17 on 8/20/2023

great resource. I like the progressive nature