IHS is excited to announce our newest feature, Game Planner 1.0

Game Planner 1.0 allows IHS members to create and share game plans with their assistant coaches and/or players & parents.  The game planner can be used in many different ways and for different levels of play.  

5 Simple Ways to Utilize the Game Planner:

  1. Organize and share your roster

  2. Add game notes and points of emphasis to focus on

  3. Upload motivational/fun videos to share with your team

  4. Add systems from IHS as a reference for the players (not recommended for younger than U12)

  5. Add post game notes to reflect on what  you did well and what can be improved

We highly recommend that coaches for U10 and under do not use the game planner to share with their players/parents. The sharing feature is not needed at this age level, but you can still use it to keep yourself and other coaches organized.

5 Advanced Ways to Utilize the Game Planner (not recommended for teams younger than U12 )

  1. Upload documentaries/videos for your players to watch on the bus or on the way to their game (on their phones)

  2. Share full weekend details to keep players and parents organized on road trips/tournaments 

  3. Add detailed post game notes (and/or stats) to reference for the next time you play that opponent

  4. Add scouting notes and/or video on opponents (not recommended for younger age levels)

  5. Upload the video of the game after you play to reference at another time (upload from LiveBarn to youtube or Vimeo and then add the link to the game planner)

Examples of Game Plans

These are not actual game plans, we just wanted to provide some insight on different ways the Game Planner can be used:

U16 Example

U14 Example

U12 Example

U10 Example - For U10 and younger, we recommend using the Game Planner for your roster, game notes and videos for self reference only.  No need to share with your players at this age level.

Sharing Your Game Plans

Simply click the Copy & Share URL button at the top of your game plan and send the URL to whoever you would like to share it with.  Anyone who has that URL can access your game plan (they do not need an IHS account). Any Post Game notes that you add will not visible on the URL, unless they are logged into IHS. 



Duplicating Your Game Plans

To save time on your roster, you can duplicate any of your game plans in your Game Plan Library or on the actual Game Plan.  This will create a copy of a past game plan where you can edit the Game Details, Roster, videos, etc.  This is a convenient way to save some time after you develop a template that works well for you.




This is just the first version of the Game Planner and we're excited to add more features in the near future.  If you have any feedback on Game Planner 1.0 or features that you want to see for the next version, please share it with us here.



MaProulx on 2/25/2022

Love the new features. Can have everything in one spot instead of having different files everywhere. Great add to the platform. 


Todd Rogers on 2/24/2022

It would be a good option to have the "add to game plan" option like we do when creating a new practice plan where you can add drill to a created plan. I am having problems adding systems to my game plan, it will not save. Any help you can offer today is appreciated.