The Culture Corner With Topher Scott

Culture Corner With Topher Scott

IHS is proud to announce our new collaboration with Topher Scott & The Hockey Think Tank!

The collaboration starts with 10 Culture Corner videos that provide organizations, coaches and players valuable lessons on how to develop and maintain a successful culture on and off the ice.

The video topics are listed below:

1. Accountability

  • Be Consistent
  • High Standards
  • Be Authentic

2. Competitiveness and Work Ethic

  • High Standards
  • Keep Score in Practice
  • Be a Model of Hard Work

3. Connection

  • Coach & Player
  • Player & Player
  • To Something Greater Than Yourself

4. Goal Setting

  • Have a Dream
  • Plan & Write It down
  • Accountability Buddy

5. Identity

  • Who Are We
  • Clarify Roles
  • Overcommunicate Your Identity

6. Locker Room

  • Model The Way
  • Develop Leaders
  • Educate On Bullying

7. Ownership

  • Involve Players
  • Explain Why It's Important
  • Take a Step Back as a Coach

8. The Present Moment

  • Focus on the Journey
  • Gratitude
  • Mental Health & Well Being

9. Resiliency

  • Focus On The Process
  • A Great Bench Will Help
  • Create Adversity at Practice

10. Team Building

  • Formal Team Building
  • Informal Team Building
  • Get On The Same Page & Build Relationships

About Topher Scott:

Topher played hockey at Cornell University where he was a two-year captain. After a brief stint playing professionally, he went on to be a Division-One Assistant Coach for six years at Miami (Ohio) and Cornell.  Topher currently produces The Hockey Think Tank Podcast and works with organizations from the youth to college levels in Team Building and Hockey Development. Learn more.

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jfw9999 on 9/21/2020

Very well thought out from inside to outside the team. Thank you.