Ben Eaves

Ben Eaves
Ohio USA

Ben recently retired from an 8 year professional hockey career in the AHL and Europe after being drafted in the 4th Round of the NHL Draft by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Previously he played four years at Boston College where he served as a two time Captain, earned All American honors and won a National Champion in 2001. His father Mike, a former Calgary Flame and Minnesota North Star coaches the men’s hockey team at the University of Wisconsin, His brother Patrick just finished his 12th season in the NHL after an impressive 32 goals, starting the season with the Dallas Stars and ending with the Anaheim Ducks.

Ben has also earned his Masters in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He has recently worked with his dad at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN as an assistant coach and was head of the strength and conditioning program.

For the past two seasons Ben has been an assistant coach the University of Miami, OH where he was in charge of player development. He has recently accepted a job to be the Columbus Blue Jackets U18 AAA head coach where he will also be working on skill development with the pro players.

Ben works with many college and pro players during the off season working on skill development and off-ice strength and conditioning.

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Finnish Ice Hockey Skills Series Part #2

Finnish Skills Series Part #2

Type: Ice Hockey Drills

Ice Hockey skills progressions are extremely important for the development of young ice hockey players. They need to work on fundamental skills on a consistent basis to help improve their game. In this video, Ben Eaves demonstrates additional skills for the Finnish Skills Series. To view the...

Off ice training program for hockey players - Part #1

Off Ice Training Program For Speed, Power, and Agility - Part #1

Type: Blog entrys

The exercises and training program outlined below are designed to help hockey players increase their speed, agility, and power. It is appropriate for Midget, High School, Junior, College, and Pro level players. Please do not use this training program on Bantam (U14) age level or lower. It is a...

Mohawk Pivoting Skating Drill for Hockey Players

Mohawk Pivoting

Type: Ice Hockey Drills

Keys for Mohawk Pivoting Try to touch heels together by opening up the hips. Maintain speed by using inside edges and pushing of inside edges. Finish by closing hips and getting toes pointed up ice.

Inside Outside Inside Edges Skating Fundamentals for Hockey Players

Inside Outside Inside Edges

Type: Ice Hockey Drills

Key Points for Inside Outside Inside Edges Lean into inside edge with gliding leg in a 1/4 squat position. Pivot toward your big toe and spin on the ball of your foot. Finish 360 degree turn with 180 degree mini jump to inside edge.

Inside Outside Edges Skating Drill for Hockey Players

Inside Outside Edges

Type: Ice Hockey Drills

Inside / Outside Edges Key Points Lean into the inside edge with gliding leg in a 1/4 squat position. Pivot toward your big toe & spin on the ball of your foot. Lean into outside edge holding 1/4 squat position.

Outside Edges

Outside Edges

Type: Ice Hockey Drills

Key Points for Working on Outside Edges Lean into the outside edge as if you are falling over. The more you lean, the more force and power you create. Lead with your head, the head dictates where the body goes.

Working on Inside Edges

Inside Edges

Type: Ice Hockey Drills

Key Points Lean on edges as though you are going to fall over. Keep a 1/4 squat position in the gliding leg. Lead with your head, the head dictates where the body moves.

Finnish Skills Warm Up Series - 26 hockey skills drills

Finnish Skills Warm Up Series

Type: Ice Hockey Drills

This is a great setup for a warm-up skills series that uses progressions appropriate for novice to elite skill levels. Ben Eaves demonstrates all 26 skills and progressions of this skills series he learned while playing professional hockey in Finland for 8 years. This progression involves 5 tires...

Ice Hockey Zone Entry Tips and Options

Zone Entry Tips

Type: Ice Hockey Drills

Zone Entry Tips If possibe get to the middle of the ice which opens up more options. Suck the defense to the middle and then distribute puck to the outside. Create a 2 on 1 with one of the defenders. Zone Entry Options Pass puck to the outside and drive hard to the net for a return pass...

2 on 1 Tips for Defenders in Ice Hockey

2 on 1 Tips for Defenders

Type: Ice Hockey Drills

Coaching Points for Defending 2 on 1's Hold the middle and try to force a bad angle shot. Have good stick position with the blade of the ice flat on the ice. Never let the puck carrier cross in front of the goalies eyes.