Swiss 4 vs. 2 Scoring Game

Swiss 4 vs. 2 Scoring Game diagram

Swiss 4 vs. 2 Scoring Game: A fun small area hockey game that sets up the offense to work on generating passing & scoring opportunities by keeping head up, being patient, using deception and communicating with teammates.

Swiss 4v2 Scoring Game Set Up:

  • Split team into two different colors.
  • Divide up the ice into two sections:
    • If you have a marker: draw a line through the dots on the offensive zone (parallel to the goal line). Draw another line from the goal line to the blue line about 5 feet from the hash marks (on both sides).
    • If you do not have a marker, or time to draw lines, use the hash marks, or cones as a center divider.
    • You can also use a smaller area of the ice if you would like.

The Game is, in essence, two 2v1’s that are constrained within a tight space. The offense is trying to score.

  • There is a High 2v1 (above the hashmark) and a Low 2v1 (below the hashmark)
  • The Offensive players are in one color and the Defensive players are in another color

Start of Game:

Coach gives a puck to the offensive players who can move within their dotted area.

  • the Offensive players look to attack the net and score on the 4v2
  • the Offensive players can shoot at any time and pass to any other teammate
  • the Defensive player tries to have an active stick and deflect, knock away the puck
  • the Defensive player must also defend (stay) within his dotted area

Offense gets a new puck IF:

  • the Offensive team scores
  • the goalie makes a save and the puck goes outside the boundary

Coach yells CHANGE IF:

  • The Offensive Players miss the net
  • Goalie freezes the puck
  • The Offense gets their puck knocked our of the boundary
  • Take longer than 5 seconds to shoot

CHANGE Rotation:

  • The two Offensive players on the goal line (low 2v1) are out of the game and they go to the back of the line
  • The two Defending players now take up Offensive positions on the goal line (low 2v1)
  • The two Offensive players above the Hash Marks (high 2v1) now are the two Defending Players
    • One must play the low 2v1 and one player must play the high 2v1
  • Two new Offensive Players in line become part of the game and get a new puck from Coach

Offensive Principles:

  • Know your options before you get the puck
    • Get your head up and scan the environment
      • What hands are my teammates (are their 1 timer options?)
      • Can I deceive the defender and creating a shooting/passing lane?
  • If you can Attack the Net with a Shot, Attack
    • Missing the Net means you now must play Defense (Reward Shots on Net and Scoring Chances)

Defensive Principles:

Teach 2v1 defending based on organizational ideals. For many teams,

  • Allow the goalie to take shot & defender takes away pass across the Royal Road (forcing the goalie to go side to side)
  • Play Cat N’ Mouse with the Offensive Player with the Puck
    • Body and Stick position can limit his options
  • Knock away loose pucks out of danger (and then play Offense)

Coach sets a Time Limit or A Game up to a certain number of Goals. Goalies should work on tracking the puck and should be switched every 2 minutes as there will be a lot of movement.

Supporting Fundamentals


dscribn on 2/6/2021

Love this drill to focus on active sticks for the D. Solid drill!

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