Ice Hockey skills progressions are extremely important for the development of young ice hockey players. They need to work on fundamental skills on a consistent basis to help improve their game. 

Repetitive practice of these skills can help with muscle memory so they can be applied in practices and games. Coaches can make the series as simple or as complex as they would like. In this video, Ben Eaves demonstrates additional skills for the Finnish Skills Series.

To view the first part of this skills series (skills 1 - 26), please click the Finnish Skills Series: Part 1. To view the third part of this skill series (skills 37 - 46), please click the Finnish Skills Series: Part 3.

Finnish Skills Series Part #2 contains the following skills:

  • Top hand only stickhandling
  • Top hand only long reach around the cone
  • Backwards top hand only long reach around the cone
  • Backwards inside edges around the cones
  • Backwards outside edges (short stride)
  • Backwards outside edges (long stride)
  • Hip slalom
  • Backwards hip slalom
  • Close Open Close
  • Attack position fake and push puck

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