Wallee 2 vs. 2 Scoring & Defending Game

Wallee 2 vs. 2 Scoring & Defending Game diagram


  • The game is played on a 200 foot by 42.5 ft playing space. The ice is cut in half length wise.
  • Move both nets in line with the dots while keeping them on the goal line.
  • Pucks are placed at both ends in the slot (outside the playing area).
  • .The defending team (red) players line up on the blue line.
    • One group is along with boards and the other line is on the imaginary mid-line.
  • The attacking team (Black) players are lined up in the same formation on the opposite blue line.


  • It is a 2v2 continuous scoring game
  • The rotation is Offense — to Defense — Rest
  • The game begins with a 2v2 in one zone (White on Offense & Red on Defense in the video)
  • The Offensive team tries to score a goal & will receive another puck from the Coach IF:
    • A goal is scored
    • OR a shot hits the net and goes out of the boundary
  • The Defensive team attempts to steal the puck and pass it up to their line of teammates waiting on the near Blue Line.
  • The Defensive Team receives a puck from Coach IF:
    • The Offensive Team misses the net with a shot & it goes out of play
    • OR if the offensive team gets their puck knocked outside the field of play
  • Once the Defensive Team (Red) passes the puck up to their teammates:
    • The Defensive Players are done
    • The (former) Offensive Players (Black) now must backcheck into their own end & play Defense
    • The New Offensive Players who just received the puck (new Red) skate to the opposite end where 1 player has a breakaway attempt (NO 2 vs.0 opportunities)
  • Now it becomes a 2v2 at the opposite end with Red on Offense & Black on Defense

The Game is Player for a Set number of minutes or to a certain score. (if the game becomes slow/sloppy, take a halftime & then come back when they are fresh).


For the Defensive Team:

  • How to handle a 2v2 (while tired)
    • Communicating between partner
    • Keeping body between the Offensive Player & your Goalie
    • Stick position, angling and reacting to loose pucks
  • Making a big defensive play (to end the shift, advance the puck, live to fight another day)

For the Offensive Team:

  • Chance to score on a Breakaway initially (score with back pressure)
  • Teach to isolate a (tired) defender & create a 2v1
  • Shots on net (scoring chances) earn you more offense (another puck from Coach)
  • Holding on the puck (puck protection) tires out an already tired defense
  • Finishing offensive plays in small areas

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