KP 2 vs. 2 Neutral Zone Scoring Game

KP 2 vs. 2 Neutral Zone Scoring Game

Set Up:

  • Nets need to be centered in the middle of the ice and on each blue line in the NZ (or five feet into the offensive zones for more space).
  • Teams are set up at opposite blue lines with pucks (White on one side; Red on the opposite)
    • Players form 2 lines
    • Pucks should also be placed on opposite blue lines (without players)
  • The best place for the head coach is at the Red Line
    • Be careful to stand behind nets (pucks will be flying)
  • Players are attempting to score on the net across the Neutral Zone


Object: Score before the Opposing Team

  • When the whistle blows, two players from each corner (2 Red/2 White) leave their corner
    • One player takes the puck behind his own net
    • His partner sets an angle to challenge the opponent who is taking the puck behind the opposite net
  • The player with the puck looks to score after skating around his net
  • The player without the puck can do the following:
    • Play defense on the opponent with the puck
    • Join his teammate and attempt to create a 2v1 (or 2v0) and score
  • The White team must get a new puck (from their side of the blue line if:
    • The Red Team knocks their puck out of the neutral zone
    • The Red Team’s goalie covers the puck
    • They shoot the puck wide and out of the neutral zone


The brilliance of this game is that players need to decide if they should join offense or play defense. 

  • The player WITHOUT the PUCK must constantly assess whether to join on offense OR play defense (1v1, 1v2) and deny a scoring opportunity
  • The player WITH the PUCK must constantly assess if he has a 1v0, 1v1, 2v1 opportunity to score
  • Discuss the ‘transition’ of defense to offense and how to take advantage of that gap when the puck gets knocked out of the zone & there is an opportunity to join the attack
  • Players must constantly talk & perceive the ever changing environment to solve problems as they happen
    • The team/players who solve the problem correctly and finish their play (scoring a goal) wins

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