Inside / Outside With Change of Pace

This breakdown is about the inside to outside move with changing pace. We breakdown two goals, one from Connor McDavid and another from David Pastrnak.

Key Points:

  1. Change of Speed - changing your skating pace can lull the defenseman to sleep while they slow down to your speed.
  2. Use Deception - as you slow down, use deception to make the defenseman bite and think you are going to the inside of the ice. You can use a single shift deke, or body language such as your eyes, head, shoulders, etc. to make them think you are going to the inside of the ice.
  3. Accelerate To The Outside - once the defenseman slows down and bites to the inside, that is when you turn on the gas and explode to the outside! 

Lets Break it Down!

Conor McDavid Inside Out Move

McDavid, gains the blue line and then ‘feints’ moving laterally while setting up the Defenseman.

His deception includes: change of speed, head positioning and scanning of ice for teammates

Conor McDavid Inside Out Goal
Moment of Truth: McDavid has the Defenseman leaning to the middle & won’t be able to match McDavid’s speed as he accelerates to the outside.
Connor McDavid Move

Here is a second angle of the "Moment of Truth." This is right where McDavid explodes to the outside.

Connor McDavid Goal

McDavid waits for the Defenseman to shift his weight to the inside (D‘mans left leg) leg, so he can cut to the outside & accelerate past him.

McDavid Makes his Move

McDavid makes his move and explodes to the outside around the defender.

McDavid inside out

McDavid is beginning to accelerate after shifting his weight from his inside edge of his right leg to the inside edge of his left leg.

McDavid Goal

McDavid accelerates past the Defensemen & then immediately tries to gain ice between the hash marks to give himself more options to challenge the goalie.

When cutting to the middle of the ice, he drives his inside knee to the outside to protect his puck from the Defender.

McDavid Goal

Now McDavid is tight to the goalie in line with the Blue Paint & plenty of ways to score. He buries it top shelf over the goalie's glove. 

David Pastrnak Inside to Outside Move

Example # 2: Pastranak almost seems to slow down in an attempt to ‘set up’ the Defender.

David Pastrnak Inside to Outside

As Pastrnak, challenges through the neutral zone with speed, he shifts his weight onto his inside (leg) left in an attempt to get the Defender to shift/cross over to the middle of the ice.

Pastrnak Inside to Outside

The defender leans to the middle & Pastrnak drives to his inside right edge to accelerate past.

Pastrnak Inside to Outside Goal
Pastrnak’s Lean (weight shift) to the middle forces the Defender to shift his weight to the middle. Pasta uses this to drive from his left inside edge to his right inside edge.
Pastrnak Inside to Outside Goal
Pastrnak accelerates to the outside around the denfender.
Pastrnak Inside to Outside Goal vs. Nashville

Pastrnak keeps the puck on the outside and begins to skate past the defender.

Pastrnak Goal vs. Nashville

As he gets around the defender he picks his head up to look at his options.

David Pastrnak Goal vs. Nashville

Pastrnak's Inside/Outside move created the space he needed to take a slap shot & beat Rinne just inside the circles.

Supporting Drills

Single Shift Deke

In this drill, Coach Eaves explans the single shift. Once you are able to dial in this move from a stationary position, it is helpful to practice it while moving.

As time goes on, you can practice changing your pace (slowing down), adding deception, making the single shift deke and then exploding to out the outside (like the examples from McDavid and Pastrnak above).