Power Play Principles With Brianne Jenner


In this video, Topher Scott from The Hockey Think Tank gives us a comprehensive breakdown of a goal that was generated by Brianne Jenner’s power-play principles on both the breakout and inside the zone. The video is a great example on how to successfully use your eyes and body language to deceive defenders and open up passing lanes.

Key Points

  • When breaking out, always keep your head up to scan the ice for passing options.
  • Use your eyes to deceive defenders and get them to cheat to one side and open up passing lanes on the breakout.
  • After making a pass, jump to open space (give & go) to provide your teammate with an outlet.
  • Upon entering the zone you don’t always have to get to your PP spot immediately if a broken play opportunity opens up.
  • Patience and deception are keys to opening up passing lanes on the Power Play.
  • Use your eyes for deception to really sell a fake shot or pass and freeze the defenders.

Lets Break it Down!

Brianne Jenner Breakout

Image # 1: Jenner keeps her head up right after she picks up the puck behind the net to scan the ice and look for passing options.

Brianne Jenner Breakout Rush

Image # 2: Jenner uses her eyes and body to make the opposition think she is going to pass to the center ice area. She does the opposite and quickly passes up the boards.

Brianne Jenner Power Play

Image # 3: Jenner is in front of the net. After she passed to the winger she jumped to space to become a passing option. She did not immediately jump to her PP spot as she was waiting to see if there was a pass or shot on net. When she realized there would be no shot, she then went to her PP position. No need to rush to get to your position if there is a scoring opportunity unfolding.

Brianne Jenner Deceptive Fake Shot

Image # 4: Jenner freezes both defencemen as she uses her body, head and eyes to make them think she is taking a slap shot.

Brianne Jenner Deceptive Power Play Assist

Image # 5:  Jenner fakes the shot and at the last second makes a pass to a breaking teammate. Amazing pass and a great Power Play Goal!

Supporting Drills

Swiss 4 vs. 2 Scoring Game

Players love this game! The Swiss 4 vs. 2 Scoring Game puts the defence at a disadvantage and helps the offence work on creating passing lanes and scoring opportunities. Use deception (and maybe even Brianne Jenner's fake slapshot) to be successful. 

Cross Fire Possession Game

The Cross Fire Possession Game is a fun game to help players work on passing in tight areas. There are four players on each team. Two players on each team are inside the box while the other two players are on the outside of the box on opposite sides. The object of the game is to get the puck to go from one player on the outside of the box to their teammate on the opposite side using the players in the middle

Wisconsin Power Play Drill

Here is a setup of a power-play drill where defensemen and forwards can practice specific movements to generate space and look for scoring options. This video displays a first passing option. Coaches can also engage the other forwards in the corner along with the second defenseman at the point to make passes and practice redirects, one timers or tip-ins.

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