Seven Pass 2 on 1

This high tempo passing drill involves a lot of passing and requires good communication and awareness from the players.  There is a minimum of seven passes that occur in each repetition leading into the 2 on 1 against the defensive player that started the drill.  To set up place four lines of forwards at each blue line and split the defense into two lines, one at each end on opposite face-off dots (as shown).  The drill start with pass #1 coming from D1 to F1 as F1 swings into the high slot.  F2 will support F1 and swing in the opposite direction.  Pass #2 is from F1 to F2 as they cross near center ice.  Both forwards swing towards the other zone and F2 makes pass #3 to the next forward in line from the other side.  Pass #4 goes from this forward to the next defensive player from the other side at the face-off dot and then this player makes pass #5 across the zone to the next forward in line at the blue line.  F1 and F2 continue to swing and F2 will be looking for pass #6 as they swing back the other direction to start the 2 on 1.  The last required pass goes from F2 to F1 as they attack 2 on 1 against the defensive player that started the drill.  F1 should be slightly ahead of F2 and therefore the pass makes sense as the players should be encouraged to headman the puck.

After the first pass, the defensive player that starts the drill pivots backwards and looks for a pass from the next defensive player in line. D1 can take a one-timer if available or a quick shot on net.  After the shot they regain their ice as much as possible and prepare to take the 2 on 1 as the forwards attack the zone from which they started.

What do you think of this drill?  Do yo have a different variation?  We would love to hear your comments and make sure to take a peek at more 2 on 1 hockey drills.


satter10 on 5/25/2014

We ran this drill with a Bantam group and the only thing that took them a while to figure out was the timing around the 6th and 7th pass. The players that received the 6th pass were swinging too low and therefore the other forward was way ahead of them. Both forwards need to time their swings so the come up the ice together or at least so the 7th pass is pushing the play slightly forwards.

CoachNewt89 on 2/5/2014

When the forwards regroup and swing before receiving pass 5. Make sure they swing low into the zone. Ran this drill with my high school team and a few times they were to far up ice and having to look back for the pass to start the 2v1.

Nice drill tho.

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