Side Step Jumps

  • have one leg elevated on a bench/box with the opposite leg to the side
  • drive the front leg through the box to elevate body as high as possible while moving laterally
  • switch legs while in mid air before landing the box with the opposite leg
  • repeat each jump for maximum height
Ben Eaves

Ben Eaves

Ben recently retired from an 8 year professional hockey career in the AHL and Europe after being drafted in the 4th Round of the NHL Draft by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Previously he played four years at Boston College where he served as a two time Captain, earned All American honors and won a National Champion in 2001. His father Mike, a former Calgary Flame and Minnesota North Star coaches the men’s hockey team at the University of Wisconsin, His brother Patrick just finished his 12th season in the NHL after an impressive 32 goals, starting the season with the Dallas Stars and ending with the Anaheim Ducks.

Ben has also earned his Masters in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He currently works with his dad at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN as an assistant coach and runs the strength and conditioning program. He also works one on one with many college and pro players during the off season working on skill development and off-ice strength and conditioning.

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