Triangle Tag diagram

Triangle Tag is a simple and fun activity that helps players practice skating, edgework, puck control & on-ice awareness. This activity can be modified in a variety of ways depending on the age & skill level of your players. 


  • All players get their own puck
  • Coaches (or players) are designated as "taggers" and do not have a stick. The more taggers, the more challenging it is for the players.
  • On the whistle, the skaters try to navigate the ice and stay away from the taggers.
  • If tagged, a player must stop and raise their hand and keep their stick on the ice.
  • Other skaters can untag a player by stickhandling through their triangle.
  • Players should keep track of how many people they untag!
  • Activity should go for 45-60 seconds.


  • Can be set up in different areas of the ice (half-ice, a zone, or a station)
  • Can use players instead of coaches as the taggers.
  • Can add more taggers to make it more challenging for the skaters.
  • Can make the area of the ice smaller to make it more challenging for the skaters. 
  • Players can keep track of how many people they untag (player with the most untags wins the round!)

Coaching Points

  • Head up! Look around to see where the taggers, other players, and open ice is.
  • Use tight turns to get away from taggers.
  • Try to untag as many players as possible!

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