Circle Stickhandling Series
Circle Stickhandling Series

This stickhandling progression has three variations and can be set up in stations depending on the amount of players you have. In this demonstration there are four players at each circle. Each repetition should be about 20 seconds. So on the whistle the active players need to go outside the circle and the in-active players can come into the circle to do the drill.

Progression #1

The first drill is simple. Each player carries a puck and they need to be creative as they can as they move through the objects. While we want them to be creative we want them to be in complete control and have awareness of the other player/players in the circle.

Progression #2

The second drill has the first player leading the first player without a puck. This forces the second player to do several things. First they have to keep their head up in order to follow their partner. Second, they have to maintain control of the puck while trying to keep up with the player, and third it forces them to react to the changing of directions.

Progression #3

The third drill starts the same way as the first drill but now the players need to make passes to the in-active players. They have to maintain awareness by keeping their head up and knowing which player on the outside is open and ready for a pass.

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