Chase The Rabbit diagram

Chase The Rabbit is an activity that can be used as a warm-up, or a puckhandling & skating activity that helps to develop on-ice awareness.


  • The coach will define a set boundary. In this diagram it is the blue-line to end boards.
  • In the diagram, the Red Player # 1 is The Rabbit. The player with the puck (Blue Player # 2 in the diagram) is The Chaser.
  • On the whistle, The Chaser tries to follow The Rabbit as close as possible. It is critical that all players on the ice keep their heads up so they do not run into other players.
  • The player without the puck (The Rabbit) should make it challenging by pivoting forwards and backwards, making tight turns, and skating into traffic.
  • Allow the players to go for 30 - 45 seconds, blow the whistle, then have players switch roles.
  • This activity works best if both The Rabbit and The Chaser have similar skill sets.


  • For higher skilled players and teams, both the Rabbit and the Chaser can have pucks.

Coaching Points

  • It is important that both players keep their heads up so they do not run into any other players. 

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