Half Ice Side By Side Skills Series #1
Half Ice Side By Side Skills Series #1

Here is a setup for a half ice practice session. This series includes four drills that work on puck control and skating skills. This setup uses the ice efficiently and allows players a good number of repetitions. Have at least one coach monitoring each line to help players with the fundamentals. 

Control Turns with Puck

  • Players slalom throught the tires or cones as shown.
  • Players should use outside edge of inside leg.
  • Inside leg should lead.
  • Players should lead with head and upper body.
  • Control puck with closed blade, if blade is open they will lose control of puck.

Backwards with Puck

  • Be sure to use a closed blade.
  • Maintain good posture.
  • Encourage players to keep head up.
  • Use C-cut to iniate backwards control turn.

Inside Out Full Circles

  • Maintain good hockey position.
  • Lead with upper body (rotate chest towards inside of turn).
  • Keep blade closed to control puck.

Inside Out Facing Forwards

  • Players should stay on balls of feet especially transitioning forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards.
  • Keep head up and looking forward.
  • Keep blade closed when controlling puck around tires.


jbona on 11/5/2020


Remko on 1/2/2019

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s_mike on 10/13/2018

Great Drikk for speed and Hands on 9/15/2018

Rely race

CoachRogo on 9/4/2018

Half ice slalum through cones quick shot on goalie. 

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